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Scalp Micropigmentation is the Number 1 Solution for Hair Loss

Excellence is our Standard

Providing a World Class Service in Micropigmentation, to both Women and Men

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Excellence is Our Standard

Providing a world class service, with some of the industry’s most highly trained and experienced practitioners.

One of UK’s leading Scalp Micro Pigmentation companies, who pride themselves on delivering an exceptional level of service along with unbelievable results – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our practitioners work closely with every client to provide a bespoke and innovative treatment, ensuring our valued customers regain their self confidence along with mind blowing styles.

Experts in SMP

Our Services

Scalp Micropigmentation is the Number 1 Solution for Hair Loss.

We offer specialist treatments for Scalp Micropigmentation, for Women and Men of all ages.

Bespoke Treatments
We offer a world class level of service, with bespoke and carefully thought treatment for every client
Competitive Prices
We offer competitive prices without compromising on standards, plus free consultations
Expert Specialists
Award Winning International Artists & Medical Tattoo Specialists

Experts in SMP

Our Team

Award Winning International Artists & Medical Tattoo Specialists.

Naomi O'Hara
Lead Practitioner of South East UK Clinic
Award Winning International SMP Practitioner
Jamie Lawlor
Lead Practitioner of Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield Clinics
Award Winning SMP Practitioner

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