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The Director & Founder of Sculptured SMP opened the first Sculptured SMP clinic in 2018 as a result of he himself personally suffering from Hair loss.

As someone that has suffered from Hair Loss himself, Vinny understands the feeling of paranoia and discomfort when it comes to hair loss. Vinny  has tried all products and treatments which the market currently has on offer. After 20 years of suffering from hair loss and trialling failed hair loss products, Vinny realized that Scalp Micropigmentation is the only permanent hair loss solution that actually works. Better still it is pain free, non surgical with no down time.

Vinny teamed up with our lead practitioners, some of whom have been in the Micropigmentation industry since 2006. Our practitioners are award winning, International artists, who have a keen desire to help others regain their self confidence.

Vinny and the team are forever passionate about helping others. There is nothing more than seeing our clients walk away with a smile, new look and enhanced level of confidence.


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Lead Practitioner of South East, UK Clinic – Naomi

Naomi is an Award Winning International Artist & Trainer.

Naomi has been working in the Aesthetics Industry since 1997 and was one of UK's first Practitioners to enter the Micropigmentation industry in 2006

One of UK’s most highly trained and skilled practitioners – Naomi is only a handful of micropigmentation practitioners in the United Kingdom who are qualified to Master Elite Level.

Having treated many international celebrities and artists, Naomi is recognised as one of UK's best Scalp Micro Pigmentation artists who only achieves the very best results.

Lead Practitioner of Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield Clinics – Jamie 

Jamie has over 8 years experience in Scalp Micro Pigmentation and is qualified to a Level 4 Accreditation, which is the highest qualification in SMP. He is a highly regarded artist with a keen eye for detail and guarantees all clients the very best results.

Jamie has undergone SMP treatment himself after he too suffered from a receding hairline and hair loss at the age of 24. Jamie had considered hair transplant and other treatments, but is grateful he came across scalp micropigmentation and has never looked back since.

Naomi O'Hara
Lead Practitioner of South East, UK Clinic
Award Winning International SMP Practitioner
Jamie Lawlor
Lead Practitioner of Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield Clinics
Award Winning SMP Practitioner

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