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Who Is SMP Suitable For?

SMP can restore receded hairlines, fill thinning hair, and also camouflage former hair transplant scars.

What Is The Duration Of SMP?

The duration of each individual Scalp Micropigmentation varies for each client.

Clients normally require 2-3 sessions of pigmentation, each session lasting between 2-3 hours. The process is repeated until both the technician and client are satisfied.

Is SMP Painful?

Pain levels vary for individuals.

Some clients find it more uncomfortable than others. A mild pain is what you can expect from the treatment.

Is SMP Safe?

Scalp Micropigmentation is safe when administered by trained professionals. Natural pigments avoid allergic reactions, and there is no medication involved in the process.

What happens when you begin to go grey?

Each new treatment is designed with this in mind, all pigment colour is always created to mimic the colour of a natural hair follicles as it is in a buzz cut stage, plus with the scattered effect, within technique this creates a soft natural look, mimicking natural density and colour gradient

How do you identify and create a natural hairline?

This is where the magic happens! Carefully predrawing in white pencil, a suitable hairline – based from client preference, facial and bone structure, natural hair line working with current hair loss and remaining hair density – we create a scattered hair effect getting softer as we approach the edge of the hairline as this is mimicking natural hair pattern growth this can be achieved with a gradient in needles used, producing finer dots. Everyone is different and we love tailoring to suit you

Other things clients have tried before deciding to go with SMP?

There are so many products on the market, from creams to serums, to powders and fibers.

Every hairloss system has many stories for sure
We personal embrace every path and welcome every journey as it's yours.

We can also tailor treatments to work alongside treatments too, for example densification treatments within your existing hair to create a thicker look, or even using SMP techniques to cover FUT & FUE Scars.

Does SMP really work?

Yes and straight away too. This treatment has multiple sessions and gradually gets better as the process completes and comes together over each session, but from session one you will see a transformation.

Will my friends notice?

This all depends on treatment style looking to achieve, if it's a completely new hairline then yes, however all is cleverly created to appear natural and blend with current hair loss.

Should I get Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Its not suitable for all, however that's what our consultation process is for, each technician shall happily guide you through each treatment option available to yourself and look at the styles that can be achieved.

We personal create your personal transformation journey and tailor the treatment fully and unique for yourself.

What are the benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

It is a no down time treatment that can see rewards straight away, with minimal discomfort.

The treatment tends to be refreshed every 4-6 years if needed just to keep it looking it's best, this tends to involve one treatment rather than the full repeated process.

How do I decide on the hairline?

This is designed unique to you, this involves bone and current hairline structure, and how defined of a hairline you are looking for. We personally love designing soft natural reconstructive hairlines that truly enhance your appearance.

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